What Makes The Perfect Upright Vacuum Cleaner

What Makes The Perfect Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Upright vacuums are famous for their sleek design and user-friendly features. Working with these vacs is trouble-free but selecting the perfect one with a handful of key features is a painstaking and lengthy process.

So, to give you a helping hand, we have analyzed different models and point out some key features that you should consider before selecting one.

Here are our findings that you may have interest on;

Bags or Bagless Feature

Upright vacuum offers both the bag and bagless option and you can choose according to your choice. In recent years most people feel comfortable with the bagless cleaner because it is better cost-effective than the vacuum with bags. You don’t need to buy a new bag for periodic replacement.


But you may face hassle while emptying the collection bin. They can be messy when some fine particles will get trapped inside the vacuum mechanism. This will reduce the overall performance of your vacuum.

On the other hand, the vacuum with bags offers hassle-free cleaning though they need a periodic change of the collection bag. This type of Vacuum has the best suction with easy to maintain features.

If you have a larger home and require heavy-duty vacuuming then you should pick the right size of your bin bag so that you don’t need to replace every time you clean your home.


Normally upright vacuums are heavier than other styles and it has an advantage too- they can remove ground-in, embedded dirt very effectively. The nozzle cleans deeper into the high pile carpet giving you a complete dirt-free environment.

It is better to keep one for each floor if your housing offers more than one level because the weight of this model range somewhere between 13 to 18 pounds which may not be friendly to carry up and downstairs.

But you don’t have to worry about keeping more than one because there are some lightweight upright vacuums too that weigh as much as 8 pounds.


Many modern upright vacuums offer some flexibility. You can displace the vacs in parts that allow you to enjoy the cleaner like a traditional one. This type of vacs offers easy to lift away features along with hand or stick vacuum transformation that enables you to clean with more flexibility and comfort.

Power Source

Due to the design and heavier nature, the upright vacs require more power to function properly. So, most of this vacuum has come with the corded power feature that ensures stable and trouble-free energy supply.

Power Source

You will find variation in the cord length but the standard one may measure around 25 feet which is long enough that allows a long-range residential cleaning application.

You will also find a cordless version of upright vacs power by a built-in battery. This type of upright vacs is less hiver than the corded version and works carefree until the juice ruins out. You may need to charge it after every use if you wanna clean a long-range.

Accessories and Tools

Tools made the vacs versatile in cleaning various surfaces and produces various suction power to clean areas hard to reach. The modern design of upright vacs has two in one tool that helps a lot wipe out all the dirt’s from the grime coted floors.

Moreover, most of these vac offer on-board hoses, extension wands and motorized mini brushes that make you cleaning more accurate with added cleaning power.

With these tools, you can clean the dirt’s from stairs, upholstery and above the floor spaces like ceilings, door frames and crown moldings without much effort.