Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Pros and Cons

Sound health has a connection with the sound environment. The environment of your apartment become sound when all the dirt and unwanted small particles are kept away at a continuous cleaning.

And this cleaning job becomes easy and enjoyable with an upright vacuum cleaner. These vacs have a sleek design that suits in every surface and corner of your apartment.

You will find the motor and the suction head in the same unit that provides decent suction to handle almost every type of obstacle.

This powerful tool is effective in cleaning the bare floor, low pile or loops. You can use an adjustable nozzle with a rotating brush to better clean this surface. More attachments are good but less is sometimes best and a couple of best add-ons are more useful than a lot of broad options.


  • Powerful Suction:

With this tool, you can easily clean microscopic dirt to small particles without any difficulties. You will feel its power at the moment you turn on its power switch. Its motor produces powerful suction that can pull dirt from the deeper of high pile carpet.

  • Motorized Brush

This brush enables the tool to clean thick carpets and rugs more accurately. Just connect the brush and start cleaning from the deep of the piles of your rugs or carpets.

  • Wide Suction Hose

Wide Suction Hose

The dedicated suction head offers a wide head that covers a large area. With this, you will be able to clean a large space with short time.

  • Spacious Storage

Both the bag and bag-less model offer specious trash storage that need little maintenance over heavy use. You can easily clean the bagless bin compartment with less effort.

  • Flexibility

This tool offers a flexible maneuver while cleaning a large room. You can easily change the direction using your foot. Moreover, you don’t need to bend while cleaning with this tool.

  • Descent Price

If your budget is tight then you can get one of this. Because this tool is cheaper than the canister vacuum cleaner.


  • Noise Production

You may experience noise while cleaning with an upright vacuum cleaner because they rarely have any sound insulation system.

  • Heavy Weight

The major drawback of this type is its weight which ranges around 20 pounds. You may face difficulty while carrying it down or upstairs.

  • Others

As the main hose head is quite large you may face difficulties while cleaning taught corners or hard to reach places. But you can use extension hoses to clean them with ease.