Do You Mop Your Room Or Only Vacuum It

Do You Mop Your Room Or Only Vacuum It?

When I need to choose between moping or vacuum cleaning, it depends on the type of flooring that I have to clean. Rooms may be decorated with carpet or rugs; in that case, moping is nothing but waste of time and energy, instead, I would like to use vacuum cleaning.

But in case of wooden or hard flooring, moping can give better results than only vacuuming it. The decision also depends on the mess type that I need to clean.

For instance, a sticky floor I use a steam mop because it gives better results than vacuum cleaning. Whereas, the crumbs or bits of dust are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Though both the moping or vacuum cleaning have advantages and disadvantages on their side, both methods offer the same goal- cleaning the house effectively. cleaning is considered a painstaking and time-consuming task.

Though I use steam mops, you can choose your favourite method to clean your area of living from sweeping, mopping or vacuuming.

Here are two of the most common and easiest way of cleaning rooms;

Vacuum Cleaning

The easiest way to clean your home that is carpeted it will be effective to use HEPA featured vacuum cleaners. This type of cleaning tool is powerful enough to clean soft rugs or carpets to high pile carpets. Battery-powered vacuums are best for convenient and trouble-free use.

Vacuum Cleaning

The HEPA vacuums offer battery runtime up to 60-minutes with added extension hoses to clean different angles and areas more effectively. It helps to save effort and time while the pressure on the body.


You can use a steam mop if your room has a hard surface without any carpet. I normally use to clean my room once every week with a steam mop and the rest of the day I use the vacuum cleaner. Because a quality steam mop allows to clean from deep into the surface and the heat from the mop works well to lose the grime from the hard surface of the floor.

steam mopping

Steam cleaning is completely safe and environment-friendly uses no chemicals in cleaning the floor. Rather the heat controls the viruses and other germs that have tracked in from outside the room.

You will find variation in the type of steam mops including the detachable one which is more popular than the other variants.


Finally, households and working places need regular cleaning to keep the place safe to live in. So, it requires continuous cleaning (best if you clean every day) that is really troublesome. But in my opinion it is a lot easy to clean your areas with vacuums and steam mops than any other means.